Sta4cad V14 Retrofitting

    Sta4CAD V14 program can be retrofitted in accordance with TDY2018. Getting information about structure structure with TDY2018 frame additional tables Options according to other viewers Design according to building performance with nonlinear analysis in retrofit projects

    10 concrete, steel and elasticity modules can be entered for the existing structure in strengthening projects. Control and reporting of reinforcement moment capacities of existing column reinforcement in reinforcement Sheathing in columns, adding panel curtain between existing columns, rod and thread calculation Special drawings with retrofit options


The approach for retrofitting projects of the standards changed from "resistance" to "capacity". In classical approach, the external loads are calculated and the building is designed so that it can resist the external loads. Also the building needs to satisfy some additional conditions. While we are investigating an existing building, the capacity concept is used. Again the external loads calculated, but this time some disqualifications are allowed in the structure because the loads that can't be carried by damaged members will be distributed to other members. This is the basic idea of material non-linearity. In this help file, Sta4CAD' s retrofitting functions and menus will be described. The target of the retrofitting is usually fulfill seismic needs.


Firstly, the building must be defined in order to find its capacity. Defining existing building has two topics:

  1. Defining geometry and material
  2. Defining bars used in the building
Generally defining geometry of the building is not complicated. If the project of the building does not exist, it can be measured. But it is very difficult to determine existing bars. Sta4CAD offers two methods to define existing bars. The project exists so the bars can be directly entered from relevant bar menu. The project does not exist, but the bars can be predicted. We know that the building stands on its self loads, so we can run a dead load analysis and we may predict the minimum reinforcement in the members. After the building is defined, the capacity of the building must be find out. The damages in the members will be calculated to determine the capacity.

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