Technicial Specifications

Absolute accuracy in analysis

The measure of industrial development; Per capita consumption of steel profiles used in steel structures is accepted. The ability to pass through large span structures and to rearrange the structures at any time depending on the need, the ease of disassembly has led to the use of steel structures in industrial buildings without an alternative. In addition, the fact that it is the most earthquake resistant structure with its light mass in earthquake zones has made it necessary to build a steel structure. In industrial buildings, besides the machine and facility costs, steel structures with very low costs will protect these facilities in the safest way against earthquakes and will be the most important earthquake insurance. Main Reasons Why Steel Construction Costs Are Higher Than Other Alternatives: The fact that not every cross-section of IPE, H-type economic long profiles can be found, and the use of larger cross-sections increases the construction costs. Project and manufacturing costs are high. In the computer environment; The use of integrated projecting and production technique from the project to CNC manufacturing. Lack of qualified personnel experienced in steel structures in the process from project to manufacturing and assembly in steel structures. STA-STEEL calculates the industrial accumulation of developed industrial countries in the most accurate and precise way by using all kinds of modules of finite elements, even the most difficult details. In structural analysis, advanced analysis techniques will be applied by considering 3 dimensional finite elements in all offset misalignments. Performing all cross-section and detail calculations with finite elements that give the most accurate results will reduce the additional costs of excessive security in the approximation calculations, and will provide advantages to the building economy. The most suitable cross-section and details can be selected with the optimizations that provide the most optimum calculation of building costs. On steel structure modeling techniques; It will develop the projecters by making economical design and ergonomic building planning.

Advanced and new generation interface

  • Ease of Use
  • Changing menus depending on screen resolution

Editors to speed up your work

  • User friendly menus
  • Organizing many objects and many features at the same time

Data Sharing

Tekla or data transfer. Providing data transfer to sap2000 and many other programs in the future and Tekladan It is aimed to analyze and design the model taken.

Move copy in 3 dimensions

  • Easily move copying structure or a specific part or a single object with the mouse
  • Easily rotate and flip without any coordinate calculations
  • Many features such as symmetry taking, widening and shrinking

Many operations can be done with mouse without editors

  • Editing the pins with the help of the mouse
  • Editing individually by selecting the joining pieces
  • Editing by seeing it on the screen

A realistic view of cuts and bolt holes

  • See your model in 3 dimensions 1: 1
  • Ability to see all segments including bolt holes

Ability to work on multiple windows or screens at the same time

  • Working in multiple windows with flexible window system, placing as desired
  • Support for working on multiple screens

It is now very easy to create the desired model with its easy use.

  • Easily create joins with improved automatic join support
  • Perfect harmony of analysis and drawing model together

Use automatic load generation on complex models

  • Experience the convenience of automatic load generation on the most complex models.
  • Instead of manually loading one by one, let the load transfer elements do this for you.

Automatically identify wind snow load

  • Automatically generate snow, wind, earthquake loads.
  • See these downloads in 3 dimensions
  • Examine the loads distributed in the bar system and their values
  • Automatic change of loads with ready-made macros with model change

Intelligent finite element model creation

  • The program prepares the finite element system for you
  • Automatic rod tip conditions are determined according to combinations
  • All misalignments and boundary conditions are determined automatically according to the 3D model.

You just focus on the model and set up the calculation model.

  • Computing complex models made easy
  • You just insert 3D elements and assign the combinations and your analysis model is ready.
  • Do not bother with dividing nodes in the interconnections of the bars, model the manufacturing as it is.
  • What you see is the analysis model that way

Buckling Analysis

  • See the weakest parts of the builder in terms of sprains with global sprain analysis
  • Let it guide you in very complex systems as well as design with its bending length.


  • See and examine structure dynamic modes
  • Find hundreds of modes in a short time thanks to the advanced math infrastructure


  • See post analysis rod effects
  • View on real model


  • See deformations in 3D, including torsions
  • Notice the elements with the most displacement thanks to the coloring

Structure macros

  • Create the most complex structures in a short time thanks to many ready-made macros
  • Thanks to the interactive work of macros and elements with each other, your entire structure changes with a single change.
  • Copy the property of a macro you created to others

And check out many macros in our demo

  • Build systems consisting of thousands of unknown and elements with one click
  • Assign auto joins to these macros

Try our demo to discover many more features ...

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